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2013 week one

Posted 5/31/2013 7:47pm by John Eisenstein.

Hello and welcome to the 2013 harvest!  By way of an introduction, I'm John.  Together with my lovely wife, Dana, I run Jade Family Farm.  We have two children, Evelyn, age 11, and Simon, age 14, both of whom are actively involved in the farm.  My parents also do a tremendous amount on and for the farm, and Dana's mother has agereed to move in with us and milk the goats twice a day, only she doesn't know it yet.  Generally, though, you should direct inquiries and complaints, in the unlikely event that there are any, to me, unless you are really angry, in which case please direct them to our one neighbor we don't like.  Neither Dana nor I come from a farming background, but were drawn to it by the lure of easy money.  Apparantly, we were misinformed.

In your boxes: 

salad mix


Tender young spinach (Thursday people) or tender young Kale (Tuesday People)

 Easter Egg Radishes

Spring Onions

Salad Mix is a combination of baby lettuces and other tender, tasty greens-- bok choy, mizuna, rapini, kale, tat soi and red giant mustard, to be precise.  We wash it as well as we can and remove all bugs and weeds to the best of our ability, but as we do not possess a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture certified commercial kitchen, our salad mix is not considered ready to eat and so our attorney reccommends that we reccomend that you thoroughly inspect and wash all produce before consumption.  

Lettuce is something I rerally enjoy growing.  Different varieties have different characteristics.  One of our summer interns, Kelley, is busy posting pictures and descriptions of all of them on our website under the "our variety"  page under the "us and our products" header.  And not just lettuce, either!

Tender Young Spinach-- see "Tender Young Kale".

Tender Young Kale-- see "Tender Young Spinach"

Spring Onions are a tasty spring treat.  These mild onions will be with us a few more weeks until the pearl drop and mini purplette onions arrive.

Many people enjoy pointing out that radish greens are perfectly edible, very nutritious, and serve admirably in soups and stews.  However, I am not one of them.  

Those of you who ordered a la carte may have noticed that your account balance listed on your orders had only a very tenuous connection to reality, at best.  I am currently in the process of coprrecting this problem and hope to have it sorted out by next week.  

Crop update:  Strawberries are starting to ripen.  There should be enough to ditribute some next week, but I can't yet say how many.  Other crops are looking pretty good, although everything is late due to the cold spring and frost event in mid May.  Peas are almost all trellised and about to begin flowering and the pea field is a wonderous sight to behold, if you ignore the weeds.  The sorrel, however, doesn't look so hot, mostly because I forgot it as there and ran over it with the disc.  Oops.

Things went more or less smoothly with the first delivery, but there are always some bugs to work out.  thank you for your patience.  Remember, the most reliable way to reach me with a pressing concern is by cell phone, 717 585 4897.  I don't get reception everywhere on the farm (like inside the walk in cooler) and can't always hear it, but it's worth a try.

In other news our hens have just begun to lay.  we should begin offering eggs for sale in a few weeks.  Also, our barn cat Lucy had three adorable little kittens!  Even I am forced to admit that they are the cutest darn things I ever did see.

For more farm related pictures and info, you can visit our facebook page, although I have never done so myself.  Dad takes care of that.  I'm told its really great!


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