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Putting the Old Man to Work.

Posted 2/14/2015 6:20pm by John Eisenstein.

It isn't spring yet, but the longer days and brighter sun cause hope to spring anew in the heart and unease in the gut, when I realize how much I still have to get done before Spring comes.  So, it's back to work despite the cold!  My father just got back from three weeks! in Mexico, leaving me behind to face the snow and bitter cold with nothing but a thin, watery gruel to eat, so upon his return I wasted no time in putting the old man to work.  Here he is sowing a pollinator seed mix.

We prepared the ground last fall, and as the snow melts, the frequent freezing and thawing should work the seeds snugly into the earth, and we will have a nice stand of flowering native plants come summer.  There are 27 species alltogether in the mix, all selected to support native pollinators and provide habitat for other beneficial insects.

And here is dad again starting to prune the orchard.

Its a little early, but we hate feeling rushed, and with 80 or so trees of different kinds, we can no longer do the job in an afternoon.  Now that some of the trees are old enough to bear fruit, pruning takes on a new kind of excitement.

I've been busy too!  With what?  I'll tell you later.

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