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All in a Day's Work

Posted 3/21/2015 11:05am by John Eisenstein.

Some years we have at least a few fields plowed and planted by St. Patrick's day, but not this one.  Cold weather in February and March, and a good heavy snow on the Spring equinox, have meant we have had to find other ways to amuse ourselves.  The other day it struck my fancy that I should very much like to clean out the goat pens, so I grabbed a pitchfork and wheelbarrow and got to work.  It had been a while since I'd emptied them out, and so at the end of the day's work this is what I'd managed to accomplish:

It looks bigger in real life.  Notice the fine hat Evelyn crocheted for me.  I am reminded about the story told of John Adams, who, after being the second president of these United States, retired to his farm in Quincy and, every morning after breakfast, went out to admire his manure pile and chortle with a tankard of hard cider.  Now I know just how he must have felt, minus the parts about being president (although I am secretary of the Boalsburg Farmers' Market) and the cider.

Of course I am just kidding, I didn't really muck out the stables by hand.  Here is a picture of what  actually happened.

The young man operating the machine with such skill is Suzie's fiancee, who she somehow convinced to come over and do the job for us.  

So, I'm sure you are wondering what I am planning on doing with all that manure, other than admiring it, and so I'll tell you.  Some of it I will mix with finely chopped green grasses and compost in our static aerated composting facility, and the rest we will let age, like a fine wine, until it is just right for worms.  Then it's vermiculture mania!

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