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The Good, the Bad, and the Very Cute

Posted 2/27/2016 10:15am by John Eisenstein.

Hello!  Its been a long, restful winter and now we are getting back into the swing of things.  The big news here is baby goats.  It happens every year-- 14 times this year so far with one goat yet to kid-- but the novelty never really wears off, each time is special and thrilling.  Here is a picture of Ramona and her babies just minutes after they were born:

ramona and her babies

This is Ramona's 4th time of becoming a mother and she knows just what to do.  I also took a little video of her caring for her kids, but I can't post it here without a lot of bother, so if you want to see it, you'll have to email me and I can send it as an attachment.

Unfortunately its not all baby animals and buttercups around here.  Remember that big snowstorm we had a few weeks back?  This is what it did to our high tunnel greenhouses:


Oops!  Totally collapsed from its guggle to its zatch.  It was so bad that I had to resort to drastic measures and uttered a four letter word-- "help".  And I'm pleased to say the response was terrific.  In one short weekend we disassembled both structures so they now look like this:

that was the easy part

Huge thank you's to Ken, Rachel, Steve, Ollie, Serena, Emily and Evelyn.

Now we begin the work of salvage and reassembly.  We'll have another work party when its time to put them back up, stay tuned-- you are invited!

Other than that we are busy seeding in the one remaining greenhouse and getting supplies and seeds together for the upcoming growing season.

Apparently yesterday was national CSA signup day, which I think is a little silly, but if you haven't yet signed up for the 2016 season, why wait?  You can click here to navigate to our signup page.  We have added a new delivery location in downtown Harrisburg.  

Bye for now!


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