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How quickly they grow up!

Posted 3/21/2017 5:41am by John Eisenstein.

Hello everyone! Lately we've had a few long time shareholders sign up for a couples share, when they had previously gotten the family share, due to their children being adults now and moved out of the house.  How quickly they grow up!  My eldest child is also turning 18 this May and it got me thinking about what impact our vegetables may have had on their lives over the past 11 years we have had a CSA.  How many school lunched had carrots or sweet peppers in them instead of chips?  How many extra bowls of salad at the dinner table?  How many cries of "yuk!" when confronted with a steaming dish of eggplant or Swiss chard?

Speaking of growing quickly, despite the snow(!), we have been busy in the greenhouse and elsewhere.  Here are some seedlings a few weeks away from transplanting.  Hard to believe that each one will grow up to be a 4 pound cabbage!  Especially hard to believe since these are spinach sprouts, not cabbage.

We've also been busy pursuing my Belgian endive obsession.  For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Belgian endive is a tasty winter treat, grown in a dark heated room from roots harvested the previous Fall.  Here is a picture of the endive growing in trays, almost ready for harvest.

And here is some already harvested.  So you have a sense of scale, the gnome is life sized.

Unsurpassed for winter salads, and if I ever line up my Autumn ducks sufficiently in a row to offer a winter share, endive will be part of it.

Bye for now!



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