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Exciting News! Or is it?

Posted 1/6/2018 11:07am by John Eisenstein.

Hello!  A friend of mine once accused me of being a Luddite.  Unsure what exactly that was, I proceeded to read an entire book on the subject of the original Luddites (Northern England, beginning of 19th century) called "Rebels Against the Future".  Parts of it were extremely boring!  Turns out, my friend was right-- I am a Luddite.

Nevertheless, even though I still think most modern technologies are bad ideas, I feel compelled to embrace several of them, albeit reluctantly.  I have an instagram account now, jade_family_ farm is the "handle" or whatever they call it.  Here are a few pictures from it so you can see what you are missing by not being my "follower": 

That is my Nephew harvesting kale, and 

a portrait of myself and children with some stuff we had lying about in storage.

More importantly, we have upgraded our CSA/ harvest share software.  You all know that we have long been committed to offering customized boxes and maximum flexibility; the challenge has always been doing so in a way that didn't create too much of a logistical and record keeping nightmare for me.  This new software, called "Harvie", is designed specifically for family farms such as ours to make our lives easier while giving you what you expect  and deserve.  

I've been told by the experts not to put too large a block of text into a blog without a picture, so here is a picture of a very large parsnip:

Apparently the experts don't think you have much of an attention span.

Anyway, back to business.  The upshot of Harvie is that things will be quite similar to what we are doing already-- you still get to choose exactly what you want from what we have available-- with some extra features added in.  The only big change is that there is no straight a la carte option.  However, since each share size has a biweekly option, and you can skip weeks and reschedule them at will, I believe it will still work well for those people accustomed to a la carte.  I go into more detail on our website, also you can visit the Harvie website by clicking here to learn more, or if you wish to sign up for a share right this very instant, click here.  If you have any questions let me know and I will find out the answers.

Finally, here is our new logo.  It's based on a self portrait, more or less.

It took me 13 years of being in business to come up with a logo and motto which accurately reflect my philosophy toward business and life.  People told me my former business motto- "Our Best Will Have to Do!" was horrible and I should never tell it to anybody!

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