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Happy CSA day!

Posted 2/23/2018 11:09am by John Eisenstein.

Hello Everyone!

I've been told today is officially CSA day.  What does that even mean?  Who made it official?  Some official somewhere?  On what authority?   It sounds like a made up holiday to me, like "Presidents' Day" (James Buchanan needs a day?  Warren Harding needs a day?  What?) or "National Cottage Cheese Appreciation Week".  Anyways, my marketing plan tells me I'm supposed to make a big deal out of CSA day, to encourage people to sign up for my CSA, but I don't really like trying to tell people what to do, so instead I'm going to show you a picture of some baby goats.

They are all less than a week old and like to form a pile at night in order to stay warm.  We now have nine kids.  Does anybody want one?  I don't sell dairy products commercially and have no plans to do so, but I love having my own source of fresh milk and butter, and nothing beats keeping goats for aggravation.  Today is also the feast day of St. Serenus the Gardener, in addition to being CSA day.  Did I mention it was CSA day?

In keeping with the theme of new life, we have also started seeding in the greenhouse.  Here are some little tiny kale seedlings just starting to grow.

The old name for plants in this family, now known as "brassicas", was "crucifers", because the emerging seedlings look like little crosses.  We have also started onions, lettuce, parsley, peppers, tomatoes, Swiss chard, eggplant and shallots.  We will be seeding every week from now until August.

The end of winter also means for a me a mild feeling of panic, when I realize that things are about to get extremely busy and I haven't finished-- or even started-- many of the things on my winter to- do list.  Time to get back to work!  If you want to celebrate CSA day in style, you can click on this link to sign up for our CSA now!

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