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Spring is Coming! Look Busy.

Posted 3/6/2019 10:43am by John Eisenstein.

You wouldn't know it from the temperature, but the brightness of the sun gives it away: Spring is just around the corner.  Gone are the lazy winter days of lolling about the fireside, leisurely leafing through seed catalogs and going to bed early.  Our main activities this time of year are seeding in the greenhouse and pruning the fruiting trees, shrubs and vines.  It can be a daunting task.  Here is a "before" picture of a kiwi vine:

and that same vine after pruning:

For some reason known only to him, my father decided to festoon this vine with cheerful ribands.

We've also been doing some infrastructure projects.  Here I am driving out a portable greenhouse "module" out to the field:

The fact that these are easily movable enables us to use the same structure several times in one season.  

No spring would be complete without a new crop of  kids.  Here is newborn Moppet learning to nurse:

Queenie is not the nicest goat but is a good mother.  More kid pictures:

Goats are just a hobby for me, and not part of the farm business.  They take up a lot of time and money, but the milk is really first- rate and, now that my own children are young adults, the goats serve as a great source of aggravation.

Space in our 2019 harvest share is filling up fast!  I recommend not to delay much longer if you plan on joining us this year.  You can use this link to go straight to our signup page.  

And finally, here is a picture of me with my hand stuck in a mason jar, and my daughter Evelyn refused to help pull it off!

Luckily the 911 operator was able to advise me well (she suggested I unclench my fist) and the story had a happy ending.

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