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End of the Season Already?

Posted 10/31/2013 5:04pm by John Eisenstein.

Hard to believe, but the 2013 season is at an end.  That just flew by, didn't it?  And yet April seems so long ago.  This time of year we are busy getting in the last of the harvest, cleaning up the fields, planting the high tunnels for limited winter production, and otherwise preparing for winter. Cover crops are planted, garlic is in the ground, our organic certification inspection is over and done with (we passed, needless to say) and we are finally starting to relax a little. Once it gets really cold and nothing can be done in the fields (usually early December), we'll even take a few weeks off, regroup, and start planning for 2014. And then there is always our very lengthy winter project list.  I also plan onspending a lot of time in front of the fire, staying nice and toasty.  Any good reading suggestions?  Last year I read "The Tragedy of King Richard the 3rd" by some Shakespeare fellow, but I didn't care for it much-- worst dectective novel ever.

I hope you enjoyed your harvest share experience with us.  I was prety satisfied, on the whole, with crop production and quality, although there were, as always, a few weak spots.  It was especially gratifying to have good melons and cucumbers, crops which have sledom fared well for us in the past, and a strong bean performance after last year's debacle was satisfying as well. My biggest regret is that I did not manage to write a regular newsletter/ blog as I have in the past, or schedule a shareholder picnic and farm tour.  It was a very difficult year for me, personally.  Hopefully I will be more communicastive and social next year and more like my old self.  We welcome your feedback, positive and negative.  We're doing this in large part for you, and if you're not happy, the whole thing is kind of pointless, so speak up.  Be nice, though, because I am extremely sensative and you wouldn't want to make me cry, would you?  We do plan on making some changes to allow you even greater choice as to what goes in your boxes, made possible through the miracle of internet technology. 

Running efven a small family farm such as ours is quite a major undertaking and I could never do it without good help and plenty of it.  First in line is my dedicated and hardworking staff.  Whether in the field, in the packing room, or at market, you guys are the best ever.  Go team!  I have had phenonimal support from my family, Dana, who singlehandedly weeded the carrots, Simon, for his many hours of top quality work this summer, Evelyn, for being the life of the party (even when there is no party), my parents, who are spending their retirement working for me (some retirement!), my sister, for being my emotional lifeline and not charging me interest, and my brother, for giving me inspiration and hope in my darkest hours.  Also my crack team of helath professionals, for keeping me in fine fettle all year long, and finally, all our harvest share shareholders and market customers-- without you we're nothing.  Have a great Winter!

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