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How To Keep Your Marriage Interesting

Posted 4/21/2014 8:21pm by John Eisenstein.

Actually, I have no idea how to keep your marriage interesting, but here's what I do for mine: every time I go out for something out of the ordinary, I always tell my wife Dana the same thing.  What I say is "I have to go see a man about a dog."  Sometimes what I bring home looks like this: 

(In case somebody is confused, this is actually a calf, not a dog.)  Once-- and only once-- I actually did bring home a dog, our beloved Sparky, who is now just like one of the family-- but I won't say which one.  Two weeks ago, though, I went to see a man about a dog and look what I brought back!

I am referring to the shiny new orange tractor, in the background, with me astride it.  Hannah and Suzie are in front, transplanting lettuce.  The tractor is great.  It starts reliably, has a brake lock, a fuel gauge that works, and an functional electrical system-- all things lacking in the old tractor.  And, thanks to 0% financing, I'm able to enjoy all these features any time I want, even at night, because this tractor has headlights which work, too!  This is the first new vehicle I have ever owned and probably will be the only new vehicle I ever will own.  Take that, midlife crisis!

Other than that we have been very busy with field work and planting.  We planted carrots, peas, all sorts of greens, radishes, beets-- all the early stuff.  Here is a picture of a newly germinated pea.

Unfortunately the weather cooled off right after the peas germinated and most of them rotted in the ground.  Frustrating.  Today I replanted.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

Please note: there can be a big difference between a good marriage and an interesting one.  Probably for a harmonious union, you should always consult your spouse before bringing home livestock or agricultural implements/ vehicles.  Oh, and also remember their birthday.

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