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Is it spring yet?

Posted 2/23/2014 6:39pm by John Eisenstein.

Wow, I thought that winter would never end!  Oh wait-- it hasn't.  There is still snow on the ground, a pile of ice 4 feet tall in front of the seeding room door, and the National Weather Service says more cold weather on the way.  Nonetheless there are definite signs of spring.  Most notably, three of our four does kidded on Thursday-- all within 2 hours of each other-- which created a little too much excitement.  Here is a picture of one of the kids.

cute kid! 

and another one of Tulip and two of her kids.  she looks so proud!

!proud mother

We're especially excited about Tulip because she is such a  pleasure to milk, and didn't kid last year.  Delicious milk too-- good and goaty.  Or, as I prefer to express it, flavorful.

And if that isn't enough cuteness, here is a picture of some baby chicks we just got in.  They should start laying in July or August.baby chicks 

But it's not just fun with animals around here.  We have been busy with seeding the greenhouse so we will have transplants to plant in March and April, and thus veggies to harvest in June.  Here is a picture of the flats in greenhouse-- in two weeks everything will be green.

What else is going on?  We're getting our labor situation finalized for the season, trying to get a few winter projects finished... and waiting for the ground to thaw!  

Oh yes, lest I forget-- here's a gentle reminder to sign up for the 2014 harvest share, if you are going to, sooner rather than later-- it really helps us to plan if we have an idea how many shareholders we have.  You can visit the website, www.jadefamilyfarm.com,  to do this.  That's all for now-- think spring!


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